Tim Phillips

My overall objective is to create apps with simple architectures using modular programming in serverless environments. I have 6+ years of experience designing, architecting, and launching web applications with interactive front-ends, REST and GraphQL APIs, and various data stores.

Work summary


Los Angeles, CA

Software Engineer and Cloud Architect
Oct 2017 – Nov 2019

Developed and deployed four UIs using ES6+, Babel, webpack, React, and Redux embedded throughout the Shopify platform.

Developed and deployed a 25 route REST API connecting to PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Shopify, and Stripe using Node.js.

Configured serverless architecture across independent production, staging, and development environments.


Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Software Engineer
Nov 2017 – Present

Designed, developed, and deployed the KCHUNG NewsBody web app using React, Next.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, and DynamoDB with JWT based authentication.

Developed interactivity for the KCHUNG Radio web site using vanilla JS.

Developed scripts to sync radio archives to AWS S3 and PostgreSQL.

Developed an API to retrieve paginated show data from PostgreSQL.

Developed an API to filter monthly schedule data obtained from the Google Calendar API.

Managed DNS, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, S3, IAM, Linux web server, and G Suite.


Los Angeles, CA

Software Lead
May 2015 – Present

Developed and deployed a sales application using React, Next.js, and Airtable as an admin interface.

Designed, developed, and deployed an inventory tracking application to streamline warehouse activity, providing check-in/out functionality for hundreds of locations using Meteor, React, and MongoDB.

Modified legacy PHP inventory software to enable warehouse workers the ability to scan items in bulk.

Provisioned Debian servers and migrated legacy software and MySQL database.


Marina del Rey, CA

Senior Application Support Engineer
Nov 2012 – Sep 2015

Designed, created, and administered SQL databases, managed SQL reports, bulk data fixes, users, etc.

Developed internal web tools and scripts using Python, Flask, JavaScript, and SQLAlchemy to interface with production databases.

Supported development team by writing SQL queries, identifying and debugging issues in Java, C#, ASP.NET, and submitting feature requests and bug reports.

Managed and trained new employees.

3 Days Awake

Los Angeles, CA

Software Engineer
Jun 2011 – Nov 2012

Automated image processing and generated HTML/PDFs from TIFF image files using Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, PIL, and Jinja2.

Worked with curators to design and develop websites for each of the gallery’s art openings.

Warner Bros. Records

Burbank, CA

Video Engineer
Nov 2008 – Mar 2011

Wrote transcoding scripts to create archive quality digital masters from various master sources (HDCAM SR, Digibeta, Uncompressed MOV/AVI, 1” Tape).

Encoded and compressed digital masters into a variety of file types and codecs.